Isabelle Mayault
Isabelle Mayault
First name: Isabelle
Last name: Mayault
Country: To the moon and back
City: Beirut. + Istanbul, Algiers and sometimes Cairo.
3 sentences about your
past: Hopeful
Present: Hyperactive
Future: Relaxed
Egypt, the geography of a revolution(12.28.12)
Mad From The Revolution(07.31.12)
The Prison Inside Me(07.02.12)
Chronicles of an Elevator(04.21.12)
The High Life(01.01.12)
Deraa, The Rebel Kid(12.29.11)
HarassMap, the Pink Mafia(11.28.11)
The Butcher(10.09.11)
Young Algerian Life(10.03.11)
Rock Isn’t Fun(09.16.11)
Iranian Stories(08.03.11)
Les grands ensembles(07.24.11)
We, the Living(07.18.11)
The Art of Painting Walls(07.16.11)
Looking for the Lost Bus(06.11.11)
The Secret Lives of Saints(05.29.11)
Beit Jacques(04.06.11)
18 Days on Tahrir(03.21.11)
Behind Red Walls(03.01.11)
Beirut’s Informal Art Spaces(02.18.11)
Tahrir, We Love You(02.05.11)
Dante, Muhammad and the Buraq(01.19.11)
Bling-Bling Feminism(12.27.10)
“Pidgin Madam”(12.19.10)
The Maids’ Lucky Star(12.13.10)
Close Encounters(12.01.10)
A Guided Tour of the Hezbollah Park(11.23.10)